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how to take care of your poezen item:

  • Knitwear item will maintain its qualities and original shape if it is folded and stored on a flat surface. 

  • Close all zippers and buttons to prevent snagging.

  • Use a mesh bag when machine-washing small items. This will prevent tangles and loss of small pieces.​

  • Use a hypoallergenic detergent that does not contain perfumes or dyes. You can purchase specialty pet detergents or simply use one recommended for babies or anyone with sensitive skin. Harsh detergents with perfumes and dyes can cause skin irritations and problems for animals.

  • Air dry all clothing and accessories to ensure there is no shrinkage from excessively high dryer heat.

  • To prevent skin irritation, make sure that clothing pieces are completely dry before allowing the dogs to wear them again.

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